About Me

When I grow up I would like to be a dinosaur, a giant green cowboy chicken or a little
nervous purple fish. I would like to fly like a bird and run as fast as a leopard.
That is the reason why I became an animator.

I graduated with a ‘Bachelor Of Arts In Character Animation’ from The Animation
Workshop in 2009 with the 2D animated shortfilm ‘Pig Me’.

I have been working as a 3D character animator and a 2D character animator on
various feature films, TV-series and shotfilms.
My main tasks has been archiving the best quality of animation within tight deadlines
collaborating with lead, supervising animators and directors - I couldn't love it more.

Other than animating I use my awaking hours on playing cello, drawing,
making puppets, making sculptures, flying eagles and owls and trying my best to make people happy.

I absolutely love bringing characters to life and I can’t wait for my next animation

You are welcome to contact me via email:

Have a great day!
Mette Tange