19 - Maj 2016 - Mr. Yellow hand and rod puppet

His name is Mr. Yellow and comes from Bisbulimo. His favorite radio program is "Talking, talk, 23.5 hours of plain talk, talk" - They talk a lot on that show - The only one that talks more is Mr. Yellow himself.

Mr. Yellow being a real tourist in Paris.

Here is the process of making Mr. Yellow - Don`t tell him he is not real. He is quite sensitive.

Hanging out on the sofa Listening to his favorite radio show "Talking, talk, 23.5 hours of plain talk, talk".

Trying Mr. Yellow out. I think I did a great job at keeping the illusion of Mr. Yellow being an individual.

Mr. Yellow from Mette Tange on Vimeo.

2 - Marts 2014 - Monster hand puppet

I made a monster hand puppet. It 100% needle felted wool.
His name is Malzenticus. I tried to make a video where I am talking without moving my mouth but that was not a great success - Soooo here is a couple of pictures of him.

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