09 - June 2016 - Morning Coffee Scribble
A little morning coffee scribble scrabble before the world is calling for attention.

09 - August 2015 - Origami Swan
Tried out origami.

22 - Februar 2015 - The Fox Kevin

Drawings of Mr. Kevin

Paper mache sculpture of Mr. Kevin

22 - Februar 2015 - Brain Farts
Random colorful brain fart monsters!

20 - Februar 2015 - Croco
A nasty croco smelling a flower

05 - Marts 2014 - Cut Out Ladies
Cut out Ladies with glasses aka. Lilly, Lula and Antoinette.

26 - Februar 2014 - Pirates 
- Sizzy is a crazy cook who protects the animals of the 7 seas by collecting them in his kitchen.
- Bastian - The best 'Look out' guy you can get on the sea. He can practically see in two directions at once.
-Captain Hilda. She only have two moods. The not carrying one and the one where you should run as fast as possible in the opposite direction.

12 - Februar 2014 - It's wednesday moorrrning
A chicken monster wednesday morning sketch.

23 - September 2013 - Trolumbus Mask

Trolumbus might be a troll but he only eat cakes so there is no reason to be afraid of him. Today was one fantastic troll mask making day!

18 - Maj 2013 - The Octopus Anton

Work in progress sculpture. 
The octopus Anton - Dishwasher during the week - street musician in the weekends. He might be on your street corner this saturday!

31 - Marts 2013 - Watermelophant

My first try of fiddling with wool.
I chose to do some fan art for the project I am currently animating on - the Watermelophant from 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2'. He turned out happy so I am happy!

24 - Februar 2013 - 100% Thumps Up Gustav

A small weekend project:
He is 100% thumps up combined with a ridiculously happy smile 26 hour a day - This is Gustav 

18 - Februar 2013 - Sketching Birds

Some cozy sunday bird sketches.

30 - August 2012 - I'm so sorry, monster

I wanted to find a hobby for my monster and I thought that maybe he would like to learn how to fly. I attached some balloons to his horns and to his tail and threw him out of an airplane.  He didn't enjoy it very much and when he landed (safely) on the ground he was very angry with me. We didn't speak together for a whole day. To make it up for him I cooked his favorite dish for dinner. Pirana wrapped in palm leaves baked in the owen at 200° for 40 minutes. He forgave me instantly and I promised that I would never throw him out of an airplane again.

5 - August 2012 - A mess of old and new drawings

My monster often read bedtime stories for me. They are quite scary so I have to imagine nice things to fall asleep. 

Classical Drawing

Life Drawing

Sketches and Doodles

Animal Sketches